store_data_t Struct Reference

#include <src/store.h>

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Data Fields

void * data
 Data to be added to the store. More...
 Type of data in the store. More...
 State of data in the store. More...
 Meta of the store as json string. More...
 Payload of the store. More...
mcl_size_t payload_size
 Size of the payload in the store. More...
 Stream information. More...

Detailed Description

General data type for storage in store_t. Data can be one of the following (distinguish by type):

Definition at line 63 of file store.h.

Field Documentation

mcl_size_t store_data_t::payload_size
E_STORE_DATA_STATE store_data_t::state

State of data in the store.

Definition at line 67 of file store.h.

Referenced by _store_add_data(), store_data_get_state(), and store_data_set_state().

store_data_stream_info_t* store_data_t::stream_info

Stream information.

Definition at line 71 of file store.h.

Referenced by _exchange_add_current_data_to_request_by_streaming(), _store_add_data(), and _store_list_destroy_callback().

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