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1 /*!**********************************************************************
2 *
3 * @copyright Copyright (C) 2016 Siemens Aktiengesellschaft.\n
4 * All rights reserved.
5 *
6 *************************************************************************
7 *
8 * @file store.h
9 * @date Sep 26, 2016
10 * @brief Store module header file.
11 *
12 ************************************************************************/
14 #ifndef STORE_H_
15 #define STORE_H_
16 #include "data_types.h"
21 typedef enum E_STORE_DATA_TYPE
22 {
34 typedef enum E_STORE_DATA_STATE
35 {
44 {
48  int meta_state;
63 typedef struct store_data_t
64 {
65  void *data;
72 } store_data_t;
77 typedef struct mcl_store_t
78 {
84 } store_t;
115 E_MCL_ERROR_CODE store_data_remove(list_t *store_list, list_node_t *store_data_node);
125 #endif //STORE_H_
store_data_stream_info_t * stream_info
Stream information.
Definition: store.h:71
list_t * high_priority_list
Contains high priority store_data_t data.
Definition: store.h:81
Type of the data in the store is time series.
Definition: store.h:23
Type of the data in the store is stream.
Definition: store.h:27
Type of the data in the store is data source configuration.
Definition: store.h:28
list_t * low_priority_list
Contains low priority store_data_t data.
Definition: store.h:83
Initial state of a store data. Means this data is not processed before.
Definition: store.h:36
E_STORE_DATA_STATE store_data_get_state(store_data_t *store_data)
Definition: store.c:345
MCL Error code definitions. Every function returning an error code uses this enum values...
Definition: mcl_common.h:137
Type of the data in the store is custom data.
Definition: store.h:26
E_MCL_ERROR_CODE store_data_remove(list_t *store_list, list_node_t *store_data_node)
Definition: store.c:355
Type of the data in the store is file.
Definition: store.h:25
Streaming is active. Current data has been partially written to the current http request or about to ...
Definition: store.h:39
Type of data in the store.
Definition: store.h:66
struct mcl_store_t mcl_store_t
Definition: mcl_store.h:34
Definition: store.h:77
Type of the data in the store is event list.
Definition: store.h:24
mcl_size_t store_get_data_count(store_t *store)
Definition: store.c:366
uint8_t mcl_uint8_t
Definition: mcl_common.h:43
mcl_uint8_t * payload_buffer
Payload of the store.
Definition: store.h:69
string_t * meta
Meta of the store as json string.
Definition: store.h:68
This data has been successfully sent to the server. Can be deleted from the store.
Definition: store.h:40
void store_data_set_state(store_data_t *store_data, E_STORE_DATA_STATE state)
Definition: store.c:334
mcl_size_t meta_stream_index
Index of meta stream.
Definition: store.h:45
Definition: store.h:21
Current data has been written to the current http request as a whole.
Definition: store.h:38
mcl_size_t payload_stream_index
Index of payload stream.
Definition: store.h:46
size_t mcl_size_t
Definition: mcl_common.h:38
mcl_uint8_t mcl_bool_t
Definition: mcl_common.h:47
mcl_bool_t streamable
Defines if the data in store is streamable or not.
Definition: store.h:79
int payload_state
Payload state.
Definition: store.h:49
void * data
Data to be added to the store.
Definition: store.h:65
int meta_state
Meta state.
Definition: store.h:48
State of data in the store.
Definition: store.h:67
string_t * tuple_subboundary
Subboundary of tuple.
Definition: store.h:47
Prepared. Means its meta and payload strings has been prepared.
Definition: store.h:37
Definition: store.h:34
mcl_size_t payload_size
Size of the payload in the store.
Definition: store.h:70
Data types module header file.