mcl_random.h File Reference

Random number generation module interface header file. More...

#include "mcl/mcl_common.h"
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MCL_EXPORT E_MCL_ERROR_CODE mcl_random_generate_guid (char **guid)
 Generates globally unique identifier. More...

Detailed Description

Random number generation module interface header file.

Dec 6, 2017

Definition in file mcl_random.h.

Function Documentation

MCL_EXPORT E_MCL_ERROR_CODE mcl_random_generate_guid ( char **  guid)

Generates globally unique identifier.

[out]guidRandom guid.
  • MCL_OK in case of success.
  • MCL_OUT_OF_MEMORY in case there is not enough memory in the system to proceed.
  • MCL_FAIL in case of an internal error in random number generation.

Definition at line 42 of file random.c.

References ASSERT_CODE_MESSAGE, ASSERT_NOT_NULL, string_t::buffer, DEBUG_ENTRY, DEBUG_LEAVE, MCL_FREE, MCL_NULL, MCL_OK, and random_generate_guid().

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