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How Tos

This section provides all the information that you need to quickly start using MindSphere. If you are interested in more detailed information about the working principles behind MindSphere, refer to Concepts.

Application Management

Topic Description
Running a Cloud Foundry-Hosted Application Learn how to create a simple Cloud Foundry-hosted application and how to register it on MindSphere using the Developer Cockpit.
Cloud Foundry Single Manifest Configuration Learn how to create a single Cloud Foundry manifest for your Cloud Foundry applications.
Deploy and register Mendix Apps to use with MindSphere Learn how to make your Mendix Application compatible with MindSphere and deploy it to MindSphere.
Develop, Deploy, Register and Release an application on MindSphere Learn the application lifecycle in MindSphere.
Get your Application Ready for Productive Use - Checklist Learn the requirements for running applications in MindSphere.
Get your Application Ready for Productive Use - Step-by-Step Learn how to get your applicaton ready for productive use in MindSphere.
Integrating Applications into your Native Mobile App Learn how to develop a simple native mobile app to launch MindSphere applications.
Integrating Self-Hosted Applications into MindSphere Learn how to integrate a self-hosted application into MindSphere.
Setting up CI/CD pipeline using CF credentials Learn to automate CI/CD pipeline for easy usage.

User Management

Topic Description
Providing Access for New Users Learn how to enable new users to access your tenant and deploy applications.
Using Subtenancy Learn how to manage subtenants and subtenant users.

Application Development

Topic Description
[Accessing MindSphere or external APIs during Local Development] Learn how to reach MindSphere APIs during local development.
Accessing MindSphere APIs from Applications outside MindSphere Learn how self-hosted applications can access MindSphere APIs without being integrated into MindSphere.
Client Secret Rotation Learn how to refresh client secrets without downtime.
Configuring Content Security Policy Learn how to configure the Content Security Policy of your application.
Developing Mendix Apps for MindSphere Learn about special requirements when developing Mendix Apps for MindSphere.
Developing Mobile Apps for MindSphere Learn how to develop mobile apps for MindSphere.
Developing Mobile Apps with Mendix for MindSphere Learn how to develop mobile apps with Mendix for MindSphere.
Developing Subtenancy-Aware Applications Learn how to develop subtenancy-aware applications.
Developing Cross-Tenancy-Aware Applications Learn how to develop cross-tenancy-aware applications.
Importing and Using High Frequency Simulation Data Learn how to import and use high frequency simulation data for testing your application.
Migrating from V2 to V3 Learn how to migrate your application from MindSphere v2 to v3.


Topic Description
Onboarding an Agent Learn how to onboard an agent.
Acquiring an Agent Access Token Learn how to acquire an access token for the agent.
Uploading Agent Data Learn how to upload data of an agent to MindSphere.
Integrating an AWS Cloud via MindConnect Integration Learn how to integrate private or public cloud data into MindSphere via MindConnect Integration.
Integrating MQTT via MindConnect IoT Extension Learn how to use MQTT features in MindSphere.
Receiving MindSphere Notifications Learn how to receive MindSphere notifications
Using Data from a Mobile Device in MindSphere Learn how to upload data from your Android mobile device into MindSphere.

MindConnect Open Edge Services

Topic Description
Developing Device Agents Learn how to implement services for your own device.
Capturing Edge Streaming Analytics results in MindSphere IoT Learn how to capture Edge Streaming Analytics results in MindSphere.

After the successful creation of your tenant, you can immediately visit the Launchpad using the following URL:


The Launchpad is the application which displays all the apps that you can currently access. These can be MindSphere apps, specific apps that are included in your tenant package and apps that have been created by yourself. As soon as you have registered the first application, it will be shown on the Launchpad.

Data Integration

Topic Description
Creating Semantic Models using SDI APIs Learn to create Semantic models.
Creating Semantic models in OWL format Learn to create Semantic models by using Web protege
Creating Query using SDI Learn to form a query.
Creating Native SQL based query Learn to create SQL based queries.
Creating Execution Jobs for query using SDI Learn to create execution jobs.
Creating Ontology using SDI Learn to create Ontology.
Creating dashboard apps with SDI Learn to create an application using SDI APIs.

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