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Usage Transparency Service

Usage Transparency Service offers a UI giving insight into your resource consumption on the MindSphere platform. For developers it also offers an API to track and retrieve metrics defined by the developers. The Usage Transparency Service (UTS) gathers various consumption metrics on the MindSphere platform to fulfill requirements regarding:

  • API resource consumption by available tenants
  • Apps consumption by available tenants
  • User details for a particular time period
  • History details of subtenants
  • Number of device requests by tenants


For accessing this service you need to have the respective roles listed in Usage Transparency Service roles and scopes.


  • Admin
    The admin has all the administrative privileges. These privileges include viewing and listing data of all the tenants, subtenants and the users.
  • Tenant
    Client to an organization. For example: ABC is a tenant to Siemens, where Siemens is an organization and ABC is the client/tenant.
  • SubTenant/ T2 tenants
    Client to a tenant. For example: PQR is a client to ABC, where ABC is the tenant and PQR is the subtenant.
  • User
    All the email account holders belonging to the subtenants and tenants.
  • Tenant
    Tenant admin.


The Usage Transparency Service exposes its API for realizing the following tasks:

API/ Service

  • Get details of all transactions
  • Monitor data consumed in the transactions
  • Get endpoints information which are used by consumers to fetch data from MindSphere
  • Monitor the relative data of all the API calls passing through MindGate
  • Monitor the relative API details including the dependent API details


  • Monitor consolidated data consumed by applications
  • Monitor apps used by users


  • Get total number of subtenants
  • Get total number of users


  • Monitor inbound data size (request size)
  • Monitor devices registered with the tenants

Example Scenario

The manager of a wind turbine production plant wants to analyze the wind speed for energy production. The wind farm has several turbines. A thermocouple is connected to the turbines. The frequency usage of this device and the number of users accessing the device are to be monitored. The device pushes the data for the display using the southbound endpoints. A notification service email is required to be sent to the maintenance team for regular checking of the turbines. API calls are made to the applications to monitor the temperature of the turbines. This helps in maintaining and stabilizing the turbines to be intact.

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