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MindConnect Async API


The MindConnect Async API provides topics and message structures to ingest timeseries data.

For further information about the MindConnect Async API, refer to the MindConnect Async API specification.


The MindConnect Async API Service is currently available in regions Europe 1 and Europe 2.


For accessing this API, you need to upload your CA Certificate. For more information, refer Managing CA Certificates.

The agent platforms using this API must support MQTT.


Create the asset model and instantiate it before accessing this API, or else no data will be available on IoT Timeseries. For more information, refer to Asset modeler Async API Service.


The MindConnect Async service exposes its API to ingest time series data.


  • There are frequency limits per tenant and per client for published and received messages.

  • The number of samplings in a message is limited.

  • The payload for every publish request is limited to 128 KB.

Example Scenario

The manager of a rail transport system wants to collect data of vehicle health status and location in order to reduce operational risks and increase availability.

The developer implements a publisher application which collects and publishes the data. Data is sent to MindSphere via MindConnect Async API.

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Last update: December 22, 2021