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KPI Calculation Service


The KPI Calculation Service computes Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for an asset. It uses data sources such as sensors, control units and calendars.

Typical use cases for the KPI Calculation Service are:

  • Evaluation of characteristics, such as reliability, availability, and maintainability
  • Condition-based maintenance
  • Diagnostics applications and root-cause analysis
  • Risk assessment


For accessing this service you need to have the respective roles listed in Analytics Services roles and scopes.


KPI Calculation

The KPI Calculation Service offers a set of computational procedures based on ISO 3977-9:1999. It works for both offline batch analysis and the online analysis of new data. The KPI Calculation Service calculates KPIs within a period of interest. Its output consists of a set of State KPIs and Performance KPIs, which are documented in the KPI Definitions.

KPI State Calculation

The KPI Calculation Service provides functionality to automatically determine States of a unit from given sensor, calendar and control unit data. This helps with preparing input data for the KPI Calculation.


The KPI calculation Service exposes its API for realizing the following tasks:

  • Calculate a set of KPIs within a time period
  • Determine all KPI states within a time period

Example Scenario

The manager of a brewery wants to calculate KPIs for parts of the production line.

The manager collects time series data of a relevant sensor of the production line using the IoT Time Series Service and feeds the KPI Calculation Service API with this time series and the desired time period.

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